Table Scape

The table scape is one of my favorite ways to create an experience. Even if you don’t do anything else with the rest of your room, you can still make a pretty bold statement with the table scape. I really like to use mis-matched china that I collect from antique stores, yard sales and thrift shops. A little chip in a plate never hurt anyone! Perfectly imperfect works for me. I like the story behind the items. I like giving them a new purpose. I also like the hunt. I do the same with utensils and candle sticks. You can find them in almost any thrift shop very inexpensive. My only rule with thrift shop purchases is that I donate something every time I buy. Luckily, my fast growing 11 year old provides me with lots of clothing to donate! Mixing old with new is such a fun concept. I’ve included items here that I personally insist on being purchased new. For instance, every home needs a really good wine glass, not expensive, just good. I also love lots of candles to create a little romance and switching up the color every now and then makes it really special. Fresh flowers are my favorite and you can make your own arrangement from simple flowers from the market so I’ve included some of my favorite vases to help inspire you. I also love to fill those vases with lemons, limes, oranges, apples, anything really! Have fun setting your table and allow yourself to get creative. Better yet, enjoy your guests and the experience you’ve created!