Fabulous Starter Package

I’m sure you’re wondering where to even start and as I always say, start at the very beginning
it’s a very fine place to start! If you haven’t read the book then you’re probably wondering where to begin. You’re probably still trying to figure out what this is all about so let me say it in two words, nostalgia and magic. It’s about getting back to basics, sitting down to dinner and enjoying a meal “together” in a space of enchantment.
We started with empty rooms at both our market and at home. We then took a hike in the woods and selected the perfect tree branches to adorn our space. Once the tree branches were in place we hung our lights. From there, we layered everything that we could possibly find that dripped from the branches with sparkle, glitter and magic.

I’m going to make it very easy for you just in case you’re not an outdoorsy person. I completely understand if you don’t want to drag branches into your home. Although, I highly recommend it if you’ve never tried bringing the outdoors inside.
From large dining rooms to small kitchens, this fabulous starter package is just for you!
We have everything you need to create a magical and enchanting space in which to build upon for special occasions to come. However, if you don’t add anything else, it’s all you’ll need to make it fabulous, even for every day meals. We leave this up all year round. It’s our happy place!

The starter package includes; pre-lit trees, tree decor, taper candles, candle sticks, votives, tea lights, table runners and vases. It’s everything you’ll need for your magical space. Simply select your trees (based on the size of the room you are decorating) and quantities of each item to complete your starter package. It’s that easy!

Now set a date, set your table, pick a menu from my Farm to Table Fabulous cookbook, invite your guests and get ready to have a F2T Fabulous evening!

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