Room Decor

If you’ve read my book then all of these random items from pearl garland to mini-lights make perfect sense. If you haven’t, then let me fill you in on our secret to a successful dinner party experience. Magic. It’s that simple. Every item I’ve carefully selected will help you to create the perfect magical and enchanted space. The best part about this idea is that once you have the basics in your dining room, breakfast nook, front porch, back porch, under an apple tree, wherever, you can just leave it up and turn on a little magic whenever you need it! Rainy days and Mondays for breakfast or pizza night with the family, the space you create will make you feel happy. I’ve also included some seasonal ideas to inspire you throughout the year, yes, even St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you enjoy the experience of creating your space and sharing it with others. It’s all about getting back-to-basics with a little style.