The Author/Designer:

Kimberly Storm knows Farm-to-Table first hand as she grew up on a small farm with her family in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Her grandparents owned a chicken farm and egg/ vegetable stand. This is how they made their living and frequently invited the family to Farm-to-Table style dinners with only the freshest ingredients from their garden.

Kimberly graduated from Marywood University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design and later went back to pursue her Masters Degree in Education. She worked in the commercial design industry for most of her career.
After 12 years she decided to take a leap of faith out of corporate America by quitting the design industry to pursue other interests and that’s how the Ritter’s Farm to Table Experience began.

She has successfully hosted dozens of events in addition to the very popular Ritter’s Farm-to-Table Experience including: weddings, showers, business mixers, rehearsal dinners, brunches, birthday dinners and more. She does off-premise catering and prepares her “Real Meals” for their farm markets each week for a quick easy way for busy families to eat homemade, healthy meals on the go!
She has appeared on the local tv show WNEP’s Home & Backyard with her recipes and is currently the Special Events Director at Ritter’s Farm Markets & Winery with her husband and owner/operator of Ritter’s, Ian Ritter. Her son Kaden loves helping her in the kitchen with his latest creations when he’s not on the baseball field or working on an art project of his own. They live together in Covington, Township PA with their rescue puppy, Morgan and rescue kitty, Bella.

The Vision:

Imagine yourself seated at a long farm table with dozens of candles, mis-matched vintage china under a canopy of thousands of little white sparkling lights on tree branches dripping with pearls and anything that shimmers. You’ve invited some of your favorite people to gather at your table for the evening, from family and neighbors to your closest friends. You’re about to pass around your first course, family style and enjoy an evening of joy, laughter and good conversation.

Farm-to-Table isn’t just about the food. I mean yes, of course the meal at the heart of the evening. However, more importantly, it is about the experience. This book will give you the confidence you need to create this very magical evening!

Life has a way of getting pretty busy these days. Most of us either work full-time, are raising a family or both! In addition, our children are involved in so many activities that there is very little time to sit down together as a family. When I say family, I’m not just referring to those you live with but also, our extended family, neighbors and friends. When was the last time you had the opportunity to enjoy a houseful of company that wasn’t on a holiday where you were already frazzled from shopping, cleaning and balancing everyone’s schedules?

Farm-to-Table Fabulous is a guide to getting back to basics and enjoying a relaxed evening of joy, laughter and good conversation. It’s about creating in your kitchen and sharing with others. It’s what life used to be for many of us growing up. Perhaps, going to grandma’s house for dinner or getting together with neighbors for a potluck dinner. It’s about nostalgia. For me, Farm-to-table was a way of life having grown up on a farm. Sitting down with 20+ aunts, uncles and cousins was a weekly occurrence for me and a large part of what made me who I am today.

When we were little my grandma set the tables with what she had so mis-matched china and farm tables happened because it was what was available. Same goes for the dinners. Farm fresh vegetables, eggs and meats are what they had available so it’s what we ate. We ate together, told stories, laughed and “the cousins” (which is what we liked to call ourselves) would perform a song or dance for the family. In short, it wasn’t about any one thing but rather about the experience. I still reflect fondly on those dinners.

I’m passionate about this book being about the experience, even if you only make a one- course meal and eat at your kitchen table with your own family, there’s always a way to make it a little extra special Farm-to-Table Fabulous style!

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to play host to the Ritter’s Farm-to-Table Experience with my husband in his family’s farm markets for the past couple years. Each month we follow a different theme and put on a five-course family style dinner complete with a lip-sync battle for entertainment (and a good laugh). Ian is also a genius on piano so we have beautiful music all night. Through my experience, I’ve come to realize that people leave our dinners

happy, I mean genuinely happy. They not only get a sense of nostalgia but they get to meet new people by sharing a table. It’s a feeling that is indescribable.
Through this website and book, I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge on how to create this type of evening. For it is more of this that we all need in our lives.

This book and website will guide you through everything you will need to know about how to accomplish a successful dinner where you will leave your guests wanting more.

This is how it works:
First you will be guided in a step-by-step introduction chapter on how to set up your room from floor to ceiling to transform your space into a place of magic and enchantment.
Second, I will suggest cost effective ways to gather what you will need to create the perfect table-scape. Third, I will walk you through the evening, course-by-course from appetizers to dessert and you guessed it, entertainment!
Last, I encourage you to pick a date and start to plan a dinner.
Once you set a date, you can either read the cookbook cover to cover or skip around to plan your dinner. Better yet, once you have fun setting up your room, we will build upon what you already have each month to change it up a little per season or inspiration. You will never have to start from scratch again. You may just end up hosting one a month, who knows?

The cookbook is comprised of chapters to reflect the 12 months of the year. Initially, each month will give you a glimpse of what is happening on the farm, what’s going on in our markets and what we are up to here at the farmhouse. We’ll talk about the room and what you’ll need in order to set it up floor to ceiling for your dinner for each particular month. For instance, January is a winter wonderland. Since we’ve just wrapped up the holiday’s which is a very colorful season, I really like January to be more simplistic using snow and ice for inspiration. It’s all about bringing the outdoors in, even in the winter! Therefore, I suggest white and off-white candles in crystal, glass and white candlesticks. I also suggest whites and neutrals in terms of china when setting the table. The idea is gathering china from many cost effective sources mentioned in the book. I like the idea of white napkins and if you’re using place cards, placing a little clear gemstone on it for some sparkle. Keep in mind we’re building upon what you’ve already created in the room so we’re just having a little fun with a new theme.

Once you’ve set up the room and set your table it’s on to the recipes! Each chapter has the perfect homemade soup, simple appetizer, salad with delicious homemade dressings, a main course and a scrumptious side dish. Most of the dishes can be made ahead of time so that as the host or hostess, you may actually enjoy the evening just as much as your guests instead of running back and forth to the kitchen. I’m never opposed to using a crockpot whenever possible!

Even in our markets, I encourage anyone helping serve at our dinners to sit and enjoy each course so they may enjoy the evening as well.

It also contains a little inspiration to keep you going if you’re feeling overwhelmed or may also be the push you need to give you the confidence to host a dinner. Gratitude and reflection is such an important part of the Farm-to-Table experience.

God has already given you the gifts to accomplish this so get creative and make it your own. You cannot get it wrong. Now that you have a little insight into the cookbook, grab yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea, sit back, relax and enjoy your guide on how to become your own Farm-to-Table Fabulous! We have opted-in for wc law firm.

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