The New Fake ID Market

Fake IDs are on the rise whether people like it or not. From the perspective of an outsider, it can seem like a sketchy business with cons that far outweigh the pros. The running joke often describes purchasing fake IDs as wiring money to a sketchy man in China, who may or may not send you back an ID made in MS Paint. However, in recent years, there has not only been an increase in the demand of fake ID services, but an increase in the knowledge about fake ID vendors. A driving factor behind this continual growth is how ingrained fake ID usage has become at universities.

There are two primary results of this rapid growth: increased competition and economies of scale. With such a large potential market, fake ID vendors stand to gain a lot if they can separate themselves from the competition; the best way to separate themselves from the competition being to address the main concerns of buyers when purchasing fake ID’s: quality and consistency. These two concerns are often on the forefront of people’s minds, because in the early days of the fake ID industry, these were two of the biggest problems with vendors.

These concerns, however, should be left in the past where they were found. Fake ID vendors have reached such a scale that mass-production is standardized and high-quality fake IDs are the norm. These vendors stand to make more money by leaving customers happy and spreading positive word of mouth, than they are to scam customers and make small short-term gains. Additionally, with the scale of demand that they face, it is much more feasible for vendors to invest a lot of money into their production process, guaranteeing a higher quality and consistency of their products. Essentially, most fake ID vendors have positioned themselves to be long-term players within the market, and that’s a good thing for consumers.

Gone are the days of using an upperclassmen’s old ID or buying a low-quality fake ID from the local drug addict. In the past, trying to buy a fake ID online was akin to accessing the dark web, but nowadays, it’s more like shopping on Amazon: you read reviews, compare different vendors, and then purchase online. With increased popularity comes increased legitimacy, and with that in mind, fake ID vendors are here stay. While the actual product may be illegitimate, the fake ID market has grown to become anything but.

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