A winter swim!

It’s so easy in the Northeast in the middle of winter to get the blues.  Even if you’re not feeling all that blue it’s certainly easy enough to get bored! My recommendation? Binge watch a few good shows, create some new and improved habits for the New Year and spend time with family doing whatever you enjoy.

I’m fortunate that my sister and I live next door to one another.  I’m also fortunate that when we made the decision to have a swimming pool installed for my son, in order to make some childhood memories, that we also researched a way to keep it going throughout much of the year.  We have a very short summer in our neck of the woods.  By the time our kiddos make up all their “snow days”, it’s generally a late start to the summer and an early return to school just before Labor Day.  Now the cost to heat a pool all year can get pretty steep, so we only heat it in the off-season for special occasions. In this case, a weekend sleepover and our blog.

In this episode of The Sister’s blog we take a mid-winter swim under the dome, talk about some good binge-worthy shows, discuss award season and of course, our New Year’s diets. Yes, that’s right, I caved and decided to start making some healthy choices!

We hope you enjoy!

Kim & Nikki



Pool Domes: http://www.websweeper.com/php/pool_domes/do-001.php

Kim’s diet: http://danettemay.com

“Shallow” Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper: https://youtu.be/bo_efYhYU2A

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