The Sister’s Pumpkin Carving!

It’s that time of year folks.  The leaves are almost gone, there’s an eery chill in the air and Halloween is just a few short days away.  You’ve already picked the perfect pumpkin and now it’s time to get inspired!

Like almost everything we do, we like to make it a family affair, so Kaden joined us during a brief break in Fortnite.  Kaden however, likes to savor the moment.  Therefore, he started carving his pumpkin with us and plans on finishing later when he has a better idea of his design.

As for me, I’ve decided to forgo my usual “triangle pumpkin face” for a more updated look, so we pulled out the pumpkin carving cut outs.  I don’t generally do cut outs because to me they’re a bit cumbersome.  They also force me to “cut inside the lines” which to a designer, stifles my creativity.  Although I will say the end result is TOTALLY worth it!  My sister also selected her perfect cut out so our designs would have a similar feel.  I found that holding the cut out in place with toothpicks (as you will see in the attached video) is definitely the way to go but be careful not to poke yourself.  Better yet, maybe push pins are a bit safer if you happen to have them on hand.

I went with a white ghost pumpkin theme, while my sister couldn’t resist her love of cats and went for a spooky Halloween cat theme.  We had some fun in the kitchen carving while catching up on the latest of well, everything!

All of our tools, which came complete with the cutouts came from our local Rite Aid store, and the pumpkins are from none other than my husband’s amazing farm markets! Shout out to Ritter’s Farm Markets in Mt. Cobb and Hamlin Pennsylvania!

Hope you enjoy the episode!

Kim & Nikki


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